Mission and Vission

As the technology giant of Turkey in durable consumer goods sector, we carry out our activities with a mission of making the “highest quality” accessible to our customers and being a leader in the sector we operate in.

We aim at being the most powerful production and technology group of the world in our sector and achieving a sustainable and controlled development by focusing on producing high quality consumer products.

We continuously invest on research and development to strengthen our outstanding position in the market. In this regard, we will carry our current determination to the future.

Europe is still the main target market for us. For this reason, we aim at keeping on monitoring the new trends in the said market to meet the same and to add new products to our already existing portfolio.

While extending not only our own but also Turkey’s export map through our successful export operations, we expect our sales in Middle East, South America, Australia and North America to make a significant contribution to our growth target. On the other hand, all our activities in the local market keep on having major role 

We aim at increasing our share in the global market consistently through our high production quality, innovative products and rising brand equity. We also aim at extending the share of our “A” brand products. In the upcoming period, we will keep on giving importance to ODM related services.

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