Research and Development

Vestel, one of the first companies whose R&D department is accredited as “R&D Center” within the scope of the law 5764 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, has been using its competent technical infrastructure very successfully in turning knowledge into technology and technology into product. With more than 900 R&D engineers that have adopted the innovation-oriented philosophy of the company in line with the internal dynamics and with the latest technology equipment and systems, Vestel realizes investments with its local and international partners and sets a model for sustainable development.


Vestel is also one of the most important manufacturing companies for consumer electronic goods in Europe with its extensive R&D know-how and great potential for innovative projects Vestel’s R&D initiatives go hand in hand with European Union's Lisbon Strategy of becoming the "most dynamic competitive knowledge-based economy in the world" and Vestel contributes to that ideal with high value-added R&D projects.

Vestel is a member of consortium for several international R&D projects and continuously strive for taking part in numerous programs and initiatives such as the Horizon 2020, the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) and EUREKA clusters.

Turkey participated as a charter member to Eureka program in 1985. Today, Turkey (Tübitak) is the 4th successful country in Eureka program. During these years, Vestel has involved in 22 international projects. Due to its success, Vestel has been declared as the most successful Turkish large company in 2012 at Tübitak Eureka Chairmanship Conference.

Ongoing International R&D Projects are listed below;

- H2B2VS aims at investigating the hybrid distribution of TV programs and services over heterogeneous networks: Broadcast and Broadband networks, using the future video compression standard: HEVC.

- APPSGATE aims at developing an open platform to provide integrated home applications to the consumer mass market.

- E3 aims to design an E2E platform able to allow everybody (provide low cost high quality video conference & e-health services reusing in-home infrastructures) to access to e-health services everywhere (both rural & urban areas, both Patients & Professionals)

- CONVINCE will address the challenge of reducing the power consumption in IP-based video networks with an end-to-end approach, from the Head End where contents are encoded and streamed to the terminals where they are consumed, embracing of course the CDN and the core and access networks.

- MOOC TAB aims at creating a tablet based platform dedicated to the lifelong learning (primary, secondary, higher, and continuous) using an on-demand MOOC platform.

SMC EXCEL strives to develop, evaluate and pilot a system innovation enhancing the ecological sustainability in the field of consumer electronics (CE), focusing on television sets (TVs).

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