Subsidiary Companies

Subsidiary Companies


Vestel Trade

Vestel Trade is in charge of marketing and distribution of all Vestel products overseas and has been exporting to the leading Japanese and European brands in 149 countries.

Achieving sales of 15 million units of electronics and 7 million units of household appliances worldwide , the company is proud to account for approximately 90% of the television and 30% of the household appliances exports in Turkey

Vestel has been the export leader of Turkey for more than 17 years.

Vestel Germany

Vestel established the German office in September 1995 in Siersburg, Germany in the name of Veseg GmBH. The company name has changed later on as Vestel Germany and the company has moved to Munich. Their operations consist of sales, distribution and service of consumer electronics and household appliances produced by Vestel in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Vestel France

Vestel France was established in November 1996 to promote sales of Vestel products in France. The company’s clients include multi-specialists, department stores, and catalogue companies. In addition to France , Vestel France sells consumer electronics and household appiances produced by Vestel in Martinique, Reunion Islands, and Guadalope.

Vestel Iberia

Vestel Iberia was established in July 1998 in Madrid for the marketing and sales of Vestel products in Spain and Portugal. The customer portfolio is composed of hypermarkets, buying groups, and retailers.

Vestel Benelux

Vestel Benelux was established in February 2003 in Rotterdam for the sales and distribution of Vestel products in Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Their clients include electronic wholesalers, mail order organizations, discounters, and electronic retailers

Vestel Electronica

The company was established in 2004 for the sales and distribution of Vestel products in Romania .

Vestel CIS

Vestel CIS was established in Moscow in 2003 for the marketing and sales of Vestel branded products in the Russian market

Vestel UK

Vestel UK has been in operation since 2003 for the marketing, sales and distribution of Vestel products in the UK market.

Vestel Scandinavia

The company was established in 2006 in Finland for the marketing, sales and distribution of Finlux branded prodoucts produced by Vestel in Scandinavian countries. Since its establishment ,Vestel Scandinavia achieved 9% market share in the Finnish TV market

Vestfrost Household

Vestel group purchased the Vestfrost brand in 2008 , and established Vestfrost Household respectively for the marketing and sales of Vestfrost branded products in Denmark


Vestel Holland

Established in August 1995 in Rotterdam, with an investment capital of Euro 18,151.21, Vestel Holland is the first overseas subsidiary of the Vestel Group.

The company’s principal operations are to handle logistics and financing of the Group’s companies


The company has been operating in Slovakia since 2006 to provide after sales service and technical support to Vestel Group companies

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